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July 13, 1982

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1825, 1835-1997, 2000-2002

The Derry Journal is the second oldest newspaper in Ireland. It began publication in 1772 as the L: Derry Journal and General Advertiser. In the early years, the paper’s tone and subject matter would have been aligned with unionist beliefs. Then in 1829, the journal came out in support of Catholic Emancipation. The paper’s overall position in politics began to support nationalism and in 1880 it was renamed the Derry Journal. Derry is the nationalist name for Londonderry. Its coverage includes counties Londonderry, Donegal, and Tyrone. Initially, it was printed on Wednesday and Saturday, this changed to Tuesday and Thursday, and for a brief time, it became a daily paper in 1877. In the paper, you will find local, national, and foreign news as well as some articles printed entirely in Gaelic.

The Derry Journal is the only newspaper to be banned in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The short ban in the Republic of Ireland took place in 1932 after the paper encouraged the support of Fianna Fail candidates and criticised the Cumann na nGaedheal government. Then in 1940, the Northern Ireland government at Stormont placed a ban on the Derry Journal after it printed that it supported the neutrality of the Republic of Ireland. The support of neutrality was perceived as criticism of the Allied war effort. On Monday 3 June, it reported ‘By an Order issued from Stormont on Saturday by Sir Dawson Bates, Minister of Home Affairs, the publication and distribution of the “Journal” is prohibited in the Six North-Eastern Counties of Eire under the Civil Authorities (Special Powers) Act from today until December 31st next.’ Since the paper was circulated in both territories, they were able to continue publication and even report on their own publication ban.

For this newspaper, we have the following titles in, or planned for, our digital archive:

  • 1825–80 The L: Derry Journal, etc.
  • 1880–2003 The Derry journal

This newspaper is published by National World Publishing Ltd in Londonderry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland. It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in Apr 1, 2015 . The latest issues were added in May 14, 2024.