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April 18, 1863

cover page of Dublin Evening Post published on April 18, 1863

Dublin Evening Post

The Dublin Evening Post was published from 10 June 1732 until 21 August 1875 and is an excellent source for news throughout Ireland. During the history of the paper, there were a number of cases brought against John Magee, the paper’s founder. He was prosecuted in 1812 for publishing a complaint against the police. Then Magee was fined and jailed in 1813 for libel against Duke of Richmond. The paper was fined for libellous when the Post resolutions which condemned the government’s treatment of Magee.

The Dublin Evening Post provided local news such as, the resolution it printed from a meeting held at Cashel on 20 May 1779. The paper published the names of over 440 gentlemen, clergy, and inhabitants from Tipperary. The resolution was created in protest to the decline in the value of commodities and the ‘almost total annihilation of private credit’. The signatories also called for the use of products only manufactured in Ireland and to unite the readers in support of the common welfare and interests of the country. Finally, the resolution stated that anyone who sold or imported foreign goods would be considered an enemy to the interests of the county and that those who signed would never deal with that person again.

For this newspaper, we have the following titles in, or planned for, our digital archive:

  • 1732–37 The Dublin Evening-Post.
  • 1778–1875 The Dublin Evening Post

This newspaper is published by an unknown publisher in Dublin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in Jan 2, 2015 . The latest issues were added in Sep 3, 2021.