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May 25, 1859

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Essex Standard





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1831-1844, 1846-1897, 1899-1900

First issued on 7 January 1831, The Essex Standard was published each Friday at a price of 7d. Conservative in orientation, its first issue proclaimed it was to be "...a Standard around which the loyal, the religious, and the well-affected of our County may rally." The newspaper was at first printed in Chelmsford, but was acquired by John Taylor in September 1831 and thereafter printed in Colchester.

Issue no. 189 of 15 August 1834 has four pages of seven columns per page. It was published by John Taylor, Jr and Henry Thomas Riddell. Page three mentions the building of the Marquis of Bristol's seat at Ickworth, has a cricket report, and an article in the "Le Melange" heading offers the insight from The Frankfort Journal that the fields of Baden are overrun with 20,000 mice. Page four offers a brief description of "Mrs. Trollope's Visit to a Belgian Farmhouse".

The newspaper's strong attachment to the Church of England is evidenced on page three of issue no. 1038 of 8 November 1850—with letters on "Popish Arrogance and impudence" and "Popish Aggression". Page four of the same issue inveighs against the evils of ladies wearing veils, arguing that their wearing "...permanently weakens many naturally good eyes." After 1855, publication became bi-weekly, Wednesday and Friday. Issue no. 1799 of 7 June 1865 has four pages, but with eight columns per page. A short report on page four featured the birth of the Prince on 3 June 1865, second son of the Prince of Wales [later to become King Edward VII]. This boy Prince was himself to become King George V.

The paper was sold to Edward Benham, T. Ralling and Henry Blackett Harrison in 1866. The Essex and West Suffolk Gazette , founded in 1852 by rival Tories to counter Taylor's strong anti-Catholic views, was incorporated into The Essex Standard in 1873, and the paper was enlarged to eight pages. Circulation greatly increased in 1891 when the price was reduced to 1d. In 1892, the title Essex County Standard was adopted. Ralling had relinquished his interest in the paper before Benham's death in 1869, and Harrison continued as joint proprietor with Benham's widow, Mary, until he retired in 1879. Benham's son William Gurney Benham became editor in 1884, retiring in 1943; his brother Charles was joint editor from 1892. The newspaper is still published.

For this newspaper, we have the following titles in, or planned for, our digital archive:

  • 1831–96 The Essex Standard
  • 1891–1900 The Essex County Standard

This newspaper is published by Newsquest in Colchester, Essex, England. It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in May 3, 2013 . The latest issues were added in Mar 15, 2022.