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June 18, 1896

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Huddersfield Chronicle





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1850-1874, 1876-1896, 1898-1900

Commencing publication on 6 April 1850, as a Liberal Saturday newspaper priced 4 1/2 d, the Huddersfield Chronicle's prospectus emphasised that it would be "...of a decidedly liberal character..." It promised to be a family paper: "...a welcome companion in the domestic circle...", with a review department and a summary of debates in parliament. As for its stance on Free Trade, readers would "...find in us consistent advocates..." Its eight pages of five columns per page offered readers poetry, reviews, local and district news, and new books published. The "Latest Intelligence by Electric Telegraph" on page eight offered the latest news in brief. From 1855 to 1871, the editor was Joshua Hobson, a printer and political reformer, who had previously edited the Northern Star .

Mitchell's Press Directory commented of the Huddersfield Chronicle in 1860: "It is favourable to the establishment of secular schools for the education of the people." Its proprietor, George Harper, was a promoter of the Press Association. For issue no. 520 of 3 March 1860, the price had been reduced to 3d unstamped. Small advertisements take up the whole of the front page. On page two, the foreign news and gossip reported that 2,426 Spaniards had been killed or wounded "...since the beginning of the war in Morocco..." Page three has Chapters Three and Four of "Roger Dale: a story of Birmingham"--an early demonstration that newspapers as well as periodicals provided serialised fiction for their readers.

By 1869, the paper occupied premises in Lord Street, Huddersfield. In 1871, it began daily publication, in competition with its rival the Huddersfield Examiner . By 1874, the price was 1d, with four pages per issue, and six columns per page. The Saturday issue comprised eight pages, priced at 2d, with a two page supplement. Issue no. 2078 of 6 April 1874, has an editorial on Spiritualism, with a short article on Pawnbrokery in India on page three. In issue no. 2083 of 14 April 1874, the report of the Leeds Spring Assizes stated that Samuel Wainwright, a butcher, was found guilty of stealing twelve lambs and convicted to nine months' imprisonment, with hard labour. By 1882, circulation was estimated to be 8,000 copies daily. The paper continued publication into the 20th century, ceasing in June 1916.

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  • 1850–1900 The Huddersfield Chronicle and West Yorkshire Advertiser

This newspaper is published by an unknown publisher in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in May 2, 2013 . The latest issues were added in Jul 18, 2013.