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February 17, 1839

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At length, after many months' labour, a section of the Working Classes have succeeded in producing a Journal for the Defence of the Rights of Labour.... The individuals who have thus stood forward to obtain for the labourer that invincible aid which the press affords, are humble Operatives; who, being taught by experience that nearly the whole of the newspaper press is opposed to the labouring man, and to those measures which he deems necessary to his self-defence, have resolved to establish a Journal which shall, at all times, be open to communications from the Working Classes, and be a fearless champion of the Rights of Labour.... It will be the object of The Operative to defend the price of labour, wheresoever or by whomsoever assailed whether by the legislature, associated employers, or an individual.... It will be the aim of The Operative to demonstrate, by historic example, that the labouring classes are always the worst sufferers when resort is had to physical force that men of the worst passions float on the tide of human slaughter into the places of power, and press on the shoulders of the people with tenfold violence. It will seek to prove to them that their condition can only be safely improved by great and progressive political changes, resulting form enlarged education and increased moral force.... Finally, The Operative is intended, strictly and pre-eminently, the be The Labourer's Friend ; and, as an organ of the defence of labour, will, at all times, stand between the employer and the employed (Address 1:1, p.1).

"Established by the working classes for the defence of the rights of labour. Also for a 'fair day's wages for a fair day's work.' Advocates abolition of the Corn Laws, Church rates, unequal administration of the laws. Some general news" (Williams, vol 2, p.519).

Source: The Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals: 1800-1900.

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