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June 19, 1878

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1875-1896, 1899-1913, 1921-1931

The Athletic News and Cyclists’ Journal was a weekly Manchester-based newspaper. Founded in 1875 by Edward Hulton, the paper covered weekend sporting events (excluding horse racing). Hulton’s other paper, the Sporting Chronicle, covered horse racing.

This newspaper is a great source of information about local sports clubs as well as the history and evolution of sports in England. If the history of professional football interests you, this paper offers a wealth of information. The Football Association in England officially legalised professionalism in July 1885. The matter of professionalism had been a point of much controversy in the years leading up to this decision. From an article in the 14 July 1885 issue, we read, ‘The sub-committee of the Football Association charged with the duty of considering the question of professionalism have at length made their report. […] Briefly stated, the committee propose to legalise professional football players, who may take part in cup-tie matches and other games under certain restrictions’. The paper itself advocated for professionalism, and its editors were heavily involved in the sport.

Football was certainly not the only subject covered. The paper also dedicated many inches to covering cricket matches and news. Cycling, rugby, and other athletics were likewise reported on. In 1931, Athletic News merged with the Sporting Chronicle.

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This newspaper is published by an unknown publisher in Manchester, Lancashire, England. It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in Jan 16, 2016 . The latest issues were added in May 22, 2023.