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October 15, 1836

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The Daily Politician was a daily newspaper, which commenced publication on 26 January 1836. Initially priced 1d., it was unstamped, contained no adverts, and was made up exclusively of reprints of articles from other London newspapers. Examples of those newspapers whose articles were reproduced in The Daily Politician in January and February 1836 include The Morning Post; The Morning Chronicle; The Examiner; The Greenwich Gazette; John Bull; The Spectator; The Public Ledger; The True Sun; The Morning Advertiser; The Courier; The Globe; The Shipping Gazette; The Times; The Morning Herald; and The Standard. A focus on reform in Ireland, suggest the newspaper was liberal leaning.

There was a break in publication after 20 February 1836, with the newspaper not appearing again until 15 September 1836. No longer a digest of articles from other London newspapers, each daily issue contained original articles about the news of the day, and the last page was almost entirely taken up with advertisements. The price had increased to 2 ½ d, with 1d. of that going to cover the stamp, which was now being paid. It was also more explicitly political, aligning itself with the Whig party. Although appearing very different from the original, and recommencing with new numeration, an Editorial published on 23 September 1836 clearly linked the relaunched newspaper back to the earlier version.

The same Editorial also stated that henceforth the paper would appear weekly, and would be titled The Politician. This changed in publication schedule and format was precipitated by the irreconcilable difference in political opinion between the managing proprietor, Edward Thomas Boylan, and the other proprietors, which resulted in him buying out their interests. The Politician was modelled on the Times, adopting its larger size and increasing its price to 4d. It lasted only three more issues before ceasing publication entirely.

Ed King, The British Library

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This newspaper is published by an unknown publisher in London, London, England. It was digitised and first made available on the British Newspaper Archive in Jul 10, 2021 . The latest issues were added in Jul 10, 2021.