Recognising copyright owners

We work closely with copyright owners to protect their intellectual property rights, and always make our best efforts to identify the ultimate copyright owner for all in-copyright material on our site.

If you believe that you own the copyright in any of the content on the website, and we have not recognised you as the copyright owner, please fill out our Complaint Notice immediately so that we can look into the matter. We may take down the content and we will investigate quickly.

Offensive, defamatory or inappropriate content

If you believe that any content on the website is offensive, defamatory or otherwise inappropriate, please fill out our Complaint Notice and we will investigate quickly. 

Takedown policy

While we are investigating reports of inappropriate content or copyright questions, we may temporarily remove the content in question. If we agree that you are the copyright owner or that the content is inappropriate, we will work with you to find a solution that you agree with, or we will take the relevant part of the content off the website permanently.

Please see our Terms & conditions for a fuller statement of our approach to copyright and protecting the intellectual property rights of publishers.

Orphan works

Many of the titles that we digitise are no longer published. In these cases, we make all possible efforts to identify if there is a legal successor in copyright and to make contact with them. In some cases, we are unable to identify a legal successor in copyright, and we then identify these publications as orphan works, and publish them on this basis. If you are the legal successor in copyright, please get in contact with us and we will work with you to ensure that your intellectual property rights are respected.

Reproducing images from the British Newspaper Archive

All newspaper images on The British Newspaper Archive are under copyright and require the right holder’s permission to reproduce in any non-personal productions. These productions include, but are not limited to, TV programmes, books, exhibitions, advertisements, and other websites. For further details on requesting image permissions please read our Rights & Reproductions articles by clicking here.