Our landmark partnership with the British Library is at the heart of everything we do, but there are many other organisations that help to bring this project to life. These partnerships are key to the success of the project.

The British Library

We work closely with the British Library on all aspects of the service: as the custodian of the nation's newspaper archive they help us choose which newspapers to digitise and how to manage and improve the service. We also work with them to bring historical newspapers to ever-wider audiences.


Our partnership with the British Library allows us to digitise and publish out-of-copyright newspapers (broadly, anything before the 20th century). To bring you more modern material, we have developed partnerships with a wide range of publishers to digitise twentieth century material. Partners we are currently working with include Reach PLC, National World, DC Thomson, and Iliffe Media Group.

Technology & digitisation partners

We work with digitisation specialists such as CCS (who supply image conversaion software and OCR Technology) and Intelligent Image Management Inc. Our hosting partner is brightsolid, based in Dundee, Scotland.