Bookmarks: Any registered user can assign bookmarks to viewed items (all saved within Saved) to create separate folders in which to organise articles.

Comments: Any registered user can add comments underneath an item. Comments are public so can be seen by all users. Your Screen Name will appear with your Comment. Each comment can contain a maximum of 160 characters.

Content type: Any section within a newspaper page. This includes articles, illustrated articles, advertisements, family notices, miscellaneous.

Saved: Your personal account area. All the articles you view are automatically saved within Saved. You can bookmark articles into folders, organise your favourite articles and add My Notes to articles within Saved.

My Notes: As a registered user, you can create My Notes within your Saved area. My Notes are the private notes you can add to the articles saved in your Saved area to enrich your research. They are not public in the way that Comments (in the Viewer) are and will not appear on the original image. Other users cannot see your My Notes.

OCR text: ‘Optical Character Recognition’ text has been electronically converted from the original newspaper pages into fully searchable text on this website.

Screen Name: This is the name that will appear next to any public Comments that you add to an item on the Viewer page. You will be prompted to create your own Screen Name when you first add a Comment. You can edit your Screen Name in your My Account area at any time. If you choose not to create your own Screen Name, we will assign you a Screen Name of the first letter of your first name and the first letter of your last name, plus a designated number, e.g. ag123. Your Screen Name will be used as an identifier for Comments (or any other future public user-generated content) that you create in the public domain.

Tags: Any registered user can add tags to items. All tags are public, so all users can see and search across the tags. Adding tags to items is a really useful way to categorise them and will help other users when they search.