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The text in an article I viewed is incorrect or illegible . . .

We have used software called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to translate the text from the original newspaper page to online format.

This software electronically scans each newspaper page for us -  the pages have not been manually reviewed or corrected.

OCR makes it possible to quickly search large quantities of full text information rather than a person sitting and physically typing in all of the key the words from every newspaper page that is scanned but can never be 100% accurate.

The accuracy depends on a variety of factors including the condition of the original newspaper or microfilm, quality of the paper as well as the size and style of the font and column layouts.

Whenever any errors in the text are noticed, you have the ability to correct individual letters, words and lines of text in the article yourself and can do this by clicking ‘view all text and edit’ then ‘fix text’ to make the necessary corrections.

You just then need to press 'save' when you have finished making your changes or 'cancel' to exit without saving your changes.

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